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Welcome to the personal branding site and blog of Michael W. Derrios!


I'm a senior executive and thought leader in the Federal  government with almost 30 years of experience in the life cycle Acquisition process to include specific knowledge about contracting and program management.  I overcame homelessness and a childhood of poverty to be a first-generation college student and I was blessed to be taken in by a wonderful family of African-American decent who taught me the lesson of unconditional love and acceptance.  I was a single father for 16 years to an awesome son and I'm passionate about helping others in any way that I can.


I galvanize people behind strategic vision, move mountains to achieve progress and inspire people to become their absolute best along the way.  I establish unwavering goals and objectives to maximize organizational performance.  I challenge the status quo to promote growth and create opportunities.  I focus on constant improvement by increasing efficiency and effectiveness.  I transcend in the face of adversity to overcome obstacles through resilience and perseverance.  I leverage diversity and inclusion as a corporate strength and I invest in people by developing future leaders who can take my place.  


My career has been marked by delivering outstanding mission support.  Some of my most impactful contributions to our nation include helping to stand up a new federal agency after the

9/11 tragedies, and its subsequent transition to an even newer Cabinet-level department, contributing to the largest recapitalization of assets for the United States Coast Guard in the history of the Service, assisting interagency efforts to support the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and the subsequent humanitarian effort to safely relocate vulnerable Afghans, and serving as a military member in the United States Air Force and Air National Guard.  

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